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Black Friday Email Onslaught: A Call for Meaningful Engagement

Date Published: 27 Nov '23

As the air gets crisp and the festive season approaches, consumers prepare for the much-anticipated Black Friday frenzy. However, beneath the excitement of deals and discounts lies a cacophony of marketing messages inundating inboxes, bombarding social media feeds,the dinging of text messages and populating screens. The Black Friday email overload is real and, for many consumers, overwhelming.

The surge of promotional emails during this shopping extravaganza can be deafening. From 'Flash Sale!' and 'Limited-Time Offers!' to 'Exclusive Deals!', the barrage of messages clamors for attention. Amidst this marketing storm, customers often find themselves lost in a sea of promotions, struggling to discern genuine value from mere noise.

While Black Friday is a prime opportunity for businesses to boost sales, it's equally crucial to address the consumer experience during this time. Small business owners, especially, must tread thoughtfully. Rather than being part of the deafening noise, they can stand out by offering a different approach—one that values meaningful engagement over relentless promotion.

Instead of bombarding their audience solely during sales events, small businesses can establish a consistent and genuine connection throughout the year. Building relationships and nurturing connections in the quiet periods can fortify customer loyalty and trust, ensuring a more receptive audience when the sales buzz intensifies.

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To combat email overload during Black Friday and similar events, small business owners should focus on three key strategies:

  1. Strategic Communication: Prioritise strategic communication over aggressive promotion. Engage your audience consistently with valuable content, useful tips, and personalised messages. This approach establishes your brand as a reliable source of information and solutions, not just a seller of products or services.
  2. Personalisation and Relevance: Tailor your communications to your audience's preferences and behaviors. Personalised messages that resonate with their interests and needs are more likely to cut through the noise and garner attention.
  3. Segmentation and Targeting: Segment your audience based on their preferences, purchase history, or engagement levels. Targeted messaging ensures that your communications are more relevant, increasing the likelihood of conversion without overwhelming your entire subscriber base.

Remember, while the allure of Black Friday's high sales volume may be tempting, a more sustainable approach involves fostering meaningful relationships with your audience year-round. Engaging consistently and authentically will not only alleviate the overwhelm during sales events but also build a loyal customer base that values your brand beyond discount days.

In a world of noise, small businesses can stand out by nurturing connections that extend far beyond the frantic rush of Black Friday. Prioritise meaningful engagement, and your customers will remember you for the value you bring, not just for the deals you offer.

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Geoff Baker wrote:
28 Nov '23 11:54am
Thank you Kerrie. Wise counsel again! Like most others I suspect ... ditto, ditto. To begin with, what a misnomer ... 'Black Friday' on Monday the 27th? The whole thing is a glorified SCAM of unsolicited garbage that totally went past me. I just find all of this stuff a time-wasting exercise and really annoying!
Nicki Christensen wrote:
27 Nov '23 10:01pm
Such an on point piece Coach K! I too got bombarded and from companies who hadnt bothered to speak to me any other time. They didn't make any effort to build any rapport with me so it was an opportunity lost and didn't motivate me to buy at all.

Great thoughts.

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